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Who is Craig Benson - The Dark

Updated: Apr 18

We asked Harris L. Kligman for a little color behind his main character Craig Benson in his latest release, "The Dark".

The story follows United States Army Lieutenant Craig Benson finds himself separated from his unit in a country ravaged by insurrection and war. Bonding with a young woman, Benson struggles to stay alive as he tries to reach one of the remaining free states and sanctuary. It is a dark journey where life is measured in seconds.

"Craig Benson is a United States Army Lieutenant who graduated from the Infantry school at Fort Benning, Georgia, then attended Ranger and Airborne schools. At Infantry and Ranger schools, Benson learned day and night land navigation skills, escape, evasion and survival tactics, and with combat experience in Afghanistan, Benson was well equipped to handle his journey to find sanctuary in a free state, and survive engagements with hostile factions that roamed a country at war."

"The Dark" is now on sale globally across Amazon, Walmart and Barnes & Noble. Harris L. Kligman's additional releases include "The Profession", "The Shaolin Covenant" and "Her Father's Daughter."

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