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Kligman Releases Requiem For A Soldier

Updated: Apr 23

Harris L. Kligman, best-selling author of Spy, Adventure, Mystery and Historical titles The Profession, The Shaolin Covenant, Her Father’s Daughter, The Dark, Life Impossible, Kill Alexis Markovic Hakoah, and The World of Nicholas Lord, releases "Requiem For A Soldier."

"Requiem For A Soldier" is a Vietnam story that follows Jorge Salazar who is an initiated member of the Latin Kings street gang. When he finds his heroin addicted mother dead on the bathroom floor, he begins to question everything about his life.Visualizing a high probability of an early death as a gang member, Salazar decides that escaping New York is his only alternative. He enlists in the United States Army and after basic training, he is deployed to Vietnam where he faces the life and death challenges he thought he left behind.

According to Harris L. Kligman, "I decided to keep "Requiem for a Soldier," purposely short. I wanted the reader to get a feeling of what it was like to serve in the military and face numerous life and death situations in a place like Vietnam. After describing a number of battle scenes and personal events that my main character experienced, it would have dragged on into oblivion if I kept retelling battle happenings and personal discomforts of this soldier, etc. In this book, unlike my others, I felt less is more.

I think I related it well for the reader who has never served in the military, who is unaware of the horrors of war and especially this war where the service member was/is looked upon with disdain instead of the noble sacrifice he/she made in serving their country."

This story is to honor them and their families. As long as memory exists, so will their sacrifices.

Requiem For A Soldier is available in hardcover, paperback, kindle and audiobook platforms. Available for purchase through Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Audible stores will distribute Kligman's eighth title in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan.

Published book titles available by Harris L. Kligman include "The Profession," "The Shaolin Covenant," "Her Father's Daughter," "Life Impossible,", "The Dark" , "The Original Alphabet Gang" "The Day the Night Did Not Come", "Kill Alexis Markovic","Requiem For A Soldier", "The Treasure",The World of Nicholas Lord and Hakoah.

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