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Kligman Releases Requiem For A Soldier

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Renowned author Harris L. Kligman, known for his best-selling works spanning Spy, Adventure, Mystery, and Historical genres, including titles like "The Profession," "The Shaolin Covenant," and "Her Father’s Daughter," has unveiled his latest creation, "Requiem For A Soldier."

"Requiem For A Soldier" delves into the heart of a Vietnam narrative, centering around Jorge Salazar, an initiated member of the Latin Kings street gang. When a tragic discovery leaves him staring at his heroin-addicted mother's lifeless body on the bathroom floor, his world is thrust into turmoil. Confronted with the grim prospect of a premature demise as a result of his association with the gang, Salazar reaches a momentous decision—to escape the streets of New York. His path leads him to enlist in the United States Army, and after completing basic training, he finds himself deployed to Vietnam, a place where life and death challenges await, mirroring the very ones he sought to leave behind.

Harris L. Kligman reflects on his approach to "Requiem for a Soldier," stating, "I deliberately kept this book short. My aim was to offer readers a visceral experience of military life and the myriad life-and-death situations faced by soldiers in Vietnam. While I could have continued recounting battle scenes and personal trials endured by the main character, I opted for brevity in this work. I believe that, in this instance, less is more."

The author acknowledges that the book serves as a bridge to help those who have never served in the military gain insight into the harsh realities of war, particularly the Vietnam War, where service members were often met with disdain instead of the recognition they deserved for their noble sacrifices in service to their country.

"Requiem For A Soldier" is a tribute to these individuals and their families, a testament that their sacrifices will endure in our collective memory as long as humanity exists.

Requiem For A Soldier is available in hardcover, paperback, kindle and audiobook platforms.

Available for purchase through Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Audible stores will distribute Kligman's eighth title in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan.

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