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An Inside Look At The Shaolin Covenant

Updated: Feb 8

The Shaolin Covenant - Currently available on (

Born to a prostitute in a place known as La Ciudad de los Muertos, City of the Dead, Raul "Luca" Mendroza begins a life altering journey when he is "purchased," as a teenager by a mysterious man and educated in the trade craft of an assassin.

After years of training, Luca faces one final test before he can be initiated into the brotherhood - a test where the passing grade is life itself.

The brotherhood into which Luca is ultimately initiated exist for the sole purpose of protecting the powerful and moneyed elite of the world. Its mandate is to insure the status quo remains intact, and outside influences do not threaten the balance of power over which they hold sway in commerce, industry and governments worldwide.

Chased by Cypriot and German police, dogged by a Mongolian defector and hunted by a Cypriot whose " assassination warrant" he holds, Luca finds that he has become the prey and he must rely on all his acquired skills to complete his mission and remain alive.

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