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"Life Impossible", Explained

Updated: Jul 28

We sat with Harris L. Kligman to learn more about the meaning behind his fifth book release and fourth in 2021 called "Life Impossible".

"Life Impossible" follows Mukhtaar Saeed, who is raised as a Muslim and Zhid Giladi, an Israeli Mossad agent, both find their lives intertwined as each fights for survival against circumstances neither one could have imagined. From his birth in a remote mountain village in Russia, his childhood years growing up in Gaza, and on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Mukhtaar Saeed finds himself in a struggle with his personal demons, the demands of his religion and discovers a fact that makes living intolerable. That discovery results in a decision that alters his life and the lives of several Mossad agents, as each seeks to dominate the other.

According to Harris L. Kligman, "The history of the Israeli-Arab (Jewish-Islamist) conflict grew with the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. The difficulties between Jews and Islam is rooted in conflict from the founding of the Islamic religion in the seventh century, and most notably from 1920 in Palestine. It erupted into full scale hostilities in the 1947-48 civil war at the advent of the Jewish state of Israel.

There are several additional reasons contributing to the on-going hostilities and remain as the underpinning for this continued conflict. These are Ethnic, National, Historical and Religious. Israelis see themselves as guardians of the Jewish state. Islamist groups advocate the necessity of liberating "holy" sites for religious reasons, and so the conflict between these two peoples continues, creating a "Life Impossible."

"Life Impossible" is scheduled to be released July 2021.

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