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Sixth Novel By Harris L. Kligman, Kill Alexis Markovic Globally Released

Harris L. Kligman's sixth novel, "Kill Alexis Markovic," on sale now at Amazon, draws its storyline and the majority of its primary characters from the criminal activities in present day Russia.

Alexis Markovic, an orphan and prison escapee, finds safety within the hidden chambers of Moscow's Vikhino Railway Station. It is here that she grows into womanhood and soon her brutality becomes legendary. Recruited by one of Moscow's largest and most powerful crime families, she becomes the gang's primary enforcer.

The tall, raven haired beauty embarks on a mission to find out why the Okulov Crime Family is losing money in their American operation. Alexis then finds herself at a crossroad where she begins to question her obligations to the organization that created her.

The Russian Mafia (Russkaya Mafiya) in today's Russia numbers about 6,000 plus groups, with at least 200 of them having a global reach.

The Russian Mafia is similar to the Italian Mafia in many ways with the group's organization and structure following a similar model. From this background, the storyline and the characters were created.

Audio books available include "The Shaolin Covenant" & "Her Father's Daughter." Each title can be found on iTunes, Audible and Amazon.


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