• Harris L. Kligman

The Backstory Behind "The Dark"

Updated: Apr 13

Harris L. Kligman's fourth title, "The Dark" will follow United States Army Lieutenant Craig Benson, who finds himself separated from his unit in a country ravaged by insurrection and war. Bonding with a young woman, Benson struggles to stay alive as he tries to reach one of the remaining free states and sanctuary. It is a dark journey where life is measured in seconds.

We discussed with Harris L. Kligman the backstory for his latest release. We asked direct questions about what motivated Harris L. Kligman to write this novel, where his inspiration for the characters originated and the timeliness towards the storyline in today's world headlines.

According to Harris L. Kligman, "I frequently traveled to countries such as Sierra Lione, Somalia and Zaire in Africa, Cambodia and Vietnam in Asia, and Argentina and Suriname in South America - all of whom had Military Regimes as their form of government and witnessed how these regimes operated.

I decided to write a book using the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic as the backdrop, and bring into focus, in fictional form, the chaos that results from insurrection and civil war.

My main characters are an Army Lieutenant separated from his unit and a female college student who form a bond as they try to remain alive and make their way to one of several "free states" that may still exist.

The difficulties they face to survive in a war ravaged land, taxes their sanity, their bodies and their belief systems. "The Dark" is a journey where life is measured in minutes and survival in seconds."

"The Dark" by Harris L. Kligman is scheduled to go on sale April 2021. Kligman's back catalogue of novels and children's books will continue to be released throughout 2021 and 2022.

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