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Veterans Breakfast Club Interview

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

In the presented video, Harris Kligman, a former Army officer, shares a compelling narrative about his distinctive background and his more than two decades of dedicated service in the United States Army. His journey began as a second lieutenant in the infantry, but his linguistic prowess and extensive travels across South America, Africa, and the Far East prompted a transfer to intelligence. Throughout his illustrious military career, Kligman cultivated relationships with various military figures and government agencies in the nations he visited, leveraging his military rank to forge pathways into business ventures.

Kligman underscores the vital importance of maintaining composure and approaching challenges with a rational mindset, a valuable lesson inherited from his father. Moreover, he expresses profound admiration for women, lauding their formidable qualities, intelligence, and adept problem-solving skills. In Kligman's view, having a woman as a partner not only offers support but also imbues a sense of security.

Beyond his military exploits, Kligman delves into his fervor for writing. His journey as an author commenced with the creation of children's stories as a means to connect with his children during frequent travels. This endeavor ultimately evolved into a full-fledged authorship career, leading to the publication of several books, including titles such as "Kill Alexis Markovic" and "Requiem for a Soldier."

Kligman pays homage to his parents, recognizing their sacrifices and their enduring influence on his life. He also shares personal anecdotes, recounting encounters with individuals from diverse backgrounds and expressing his profound appreciation for different cultures.

In contemplation of his life's trajectory, Kligman invokes Nelson Mandela's wisdom, asserting, "I never lose; I either win or I learn." This mindset has fundamentally shaped his approach to adversity and setbacks. Despite early personal losses and hardships, Kligman maintains a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that have enriched his life.

In summary, the video featuring Harris Kligman offers a window into his extensive military career and his passion for the written word. It delves into the indelible impact of his parents, his admiration for the strength of women, and the invaluable lessons he has gathered along his remarkable journey. Kligman's stories and experiences stand as a testament to his unwavering resilience and his unwavering commitment to extracting the utmost value from every life circumstance.

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