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Behind The Scenes Of "The Treasure"

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

According to best selling author, Harris L. Kligman, "a number of people who are familiar with my fiction books have inquired about the nine books that I have published, asking which one is my favorite?

The simple answer is all of them, but I have a particular feeling for my ninth book, "The Treasure." It's a multi-layered story that begins during the conquest of Judea by the Roman Legions, and the capture of thousands of slaves who are brought back to Rome along with the treasure from this conquered land. The story continues through the dawn of Christianity, the horrors of WWII and a period shortly after the war. "The Treasure" is an on-going struggle that escalates between those who seek to protect this treasure from those who feel they must reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

I became aware of a rumor/a story when I was a young man that a vast amount of this treasure captured in Judea, and hordes of other treasure confiscated over the centuries consisting of ancient manuscripts, jewels, gold and silver ingots and coins, art, ceramics, ivory, etc., has been secreted away and is guarded by a secret society. The place where this treasure is kept is a closely guarded secret. One such rumor is that this treasure is kept in a subterranean chamber under the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

Whether this treasure is truth or fiction, rumors continue to this day. I decided that I would write a fiction novel using this treasure rumor as the continuing theme in my story-line, and so "The Treasure" was created.

This book, three books in fact, is over 150,000 words. It was for me, a monumental undertaking and when I finished it, I thought about the multitude of characters I'd created, and the variety of conflicts and situations that were depicted.

I marveled at what I was able to create - a captivating story in which I combined fiction with fact that will entertain the reader in a host of ways, and keep them thinking about certain aspects of the book long after they finish reading it."

View the official book trailer below:

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