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"The Day the Night Did Not Come" Video

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Harris L. Kligman's second illustrated children's book, "The Day the Night Did Not Come," is a children's story about two ageless gentleman, Mr. Day and Mr. Night, who have co-existed for centuries as friends...until they have a serious difference of opinion.

To settle the argument, the people of Nearwinkle, young and old, come together to determine who was right. Would they end up choosing a winner...or would friendship really win the day (and night)?

To create even more buzz around the release, Harris L. Kligman developed the idea to bring the characters to life in a :60 second video through a process of 3D modeling, rigging and animation.

The project began by writing a script for Mr. Day and Mr. Night to have a dialogue. Once the script was completed, we worked closely with Mark Williams, who narrated the "The Shaolin Covenant" and "Her Father's Daughter" audiobooks, to be the voice for Mr. Day and Mr. Night.

As a special surprise, we included background music written and composed by Harris L. Kligman. The song is titled "One More Chance," which was a perfect fit for the theme of the story!

The next step was the beginning stages for storyboard creation and sequence of events. From there we moved to the animatic stage. An animatic is basically an animated storyboard. The same images you've already created as a storyboard are now put into a video and can include dialogue, sound effects, and music. This allowed us to get the first glance into what the short clip would be like once production was completed.

At the completion of the animatic stage, we moved to the modeling which includes the environments, props, background and characters. We used the concept art and storyboards created earlier to begin the modeling process. Next step was the rigging...creating a digital skeleton with controls to move around. Prior to rigging, the models were like statues but now they are more like action figures only with much more nuance motion. The rigger ensures we have controls for each part of the body and face so we can create every action and expression we needed. From that point the rigged models moved into a 3D program that begins to create the shots of the video. Animation is the final piece where characters come to life and the animation takes form!

Below are images showing the various stages, video creation and the final :60 video clip bringing Mr. Day and Mr. Night to life!

At the completion of the video, listen to Mr. Day and Mr. Night and purchase your illustrated copy of "The Day the Night Did Not Come" today at!

The First Video We Meet Mr. Day & Mr. Night

The Video That Begins Showcasing Mr. Day & Mr. Night Walking

Refining The Way Mr. Day Walks In To Greet Mr. Night

The Final Video For The Day the Night Did Not Come

Audiobook tittles are also available for purchase through Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Audible stores distributes each title in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan.

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