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Author Releases "Kill Alexis Markovic"


His latest release “Kill Alexis Markovic” Is now available on Amazon

STAMFORD, Conn., February 2022 – After an incredible 35-year career as an international businessman, a 20-year career as a Reserve U.S. Army Intelligence Officer and a decade of writing novels, the story of 85-year-old Harris L. Kligman is one for the books—and with the help of his family during the pandemic, those books have been transformed from printed manuscripts in a box to climbing the Amazon charts, launching a remarkable second chapter for an already remarkable career. Now, Kligman is publishing his back catalog of espionage and thriller novels. His newest release and sixth published novel, “Kill Alexis Markovic,” is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Kill Alexis Markovic” is the story of Alexis Markovic, an orphan and prison escapee, who finds safety within the hidden chambers of Moscow's Vikhino Railway Station. It is here that she grows into womanhood and soon her brutality becomes legendary. Recruited by one of Moscow's largest and most powerful crime families, she becomes the gang's primary enforcer. The tall, raven-haired beauty embarks on a mission to find out why the Okulov Crime Family is losing money in their American operation. While there, Alexis finds herself at a crossroad where she begins questioning her obligations to the organization that created her.

For more than 35 years, Kligman accumulated a wealth of experiences in his work with military, government and businesses spanning the globe, from the Far East to Africa to South America. Kligman took his knowledge and over the course of a decade huddled in his “downstairs dungeon,” writing for hours in his basement hunched at a too-small table, a chair with an unstable seat and zero back support, and an outdated Windows desktop PC that didn’t accept Microsoft updates. Despite his uncomfortable settings, he persevered, writing 12 novels, four short stories and a number of children’s books for his family. After completing a novel, Kligman would take his manuscript to be bound at a local office supply store and then have it read by friends and family. Afterwards, the manuscript would be retired to a large cardboard box.

Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic, when Kligman, his wife Nancy and his son Rob were in lockdown together. Kligman’s family insisted the world would enjoy his novels as a way to help get through the pandemic’s tough times.

“In all my books, the main character struggles with difficulties,” Kligman said. “His or her determination to overcome these difficulties or obstacles and accomplish whatever it is that they are trying to do, is what I strive to get across to the reader—and through the lockdown, we all needed inspiration to overcome the difficulties we faced every day.”

In one year, Kligman has published five best-selling novels and an illustrated children’s book, which hit #1 on an Amazon best seller list. His work has reached #27 on the Amazon list for best espionage and spy novels and climbed the charts on the best seller lists for thrillers, crime action and adventure. His first children’s book, “The Original Alphabet Gang,” reached #1 in children’s and young adult literacy and #2 in children’s grammar, plus was listed as an Amazon “Hot New Release.” Kligman is also releasing his second children’s book, “The Day The Night Did Not Come,” in Q1 and plans to release his back catalog throughout 2022.

About the author:

Harris L. Kligman was born and educated in the "City of Brotherly Love," and left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in his early twenties. For over 35 years, he interacted with various military governments and business entities who dominated the spheres of influence throughout the Far East, Africa, and South America. A linguist, a devotee to the Martial Arts and a retired United States Army Intelligence Officer, the author brings his varied experiences to his novels.

To follow Kligman’s work, please visit his Amazon author page. You can also find his story, works, news and social media accounts at


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