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How It All Started For Harris L. Kligman

Updated: May 26, 2022

Harris L. Kligman spent ten years writing in his North Stamford, CT home. The location was the basement or as Kligman coined it, the “downstairs dungeon,” that included a bare floor, a computer desk that was too small for the average person, a chair that had an unstable seat and no back and an old Windows desktop PC that would use an operating system that would no longer receive updates from Microsoft.

Kligman would begin writing early in the morning and he would write until either he was tired (there were numerous times where he would nod off at the computer) or he just felt it was "enough" for the day, and he would move on to more meaningful endeavors.

Contrary to many writing experts, Kligman never prepared a story outline (plot) or characters when he sat down to write his first novel or subsequent novels. He just thought of a title and began writing, developing both the plot and the characters “along the way." The storyline and characters were created out of situations and interactions with people spanning a thirty-five year period of international travel across three continents.

He would stop at the end of a chapter, re-read that chapter the next morning and start again from there with no idea of what he wanted to say or how the plot would continue. It literally just developed as he wrote.

Kligman had accumulated a wealth of experiences from his constant International travel, his residence of four and a half years in South Korea and his twenty years as a Reserve Military Intelligence officer with the United States Army.

After completing a novel, Harris would have the manuscript bound at a local office supply store and then read by friends and family. Afterwards, the manuscript would be retired to a large cardboard box.

In total, Kligman wrote approximately eleven novels, five children's stories and several short stories of approximately 150 pages each.

That cardboard box, overflowing with manuscripts, remained in Kligman’s bedroom office for 10 or so years, creating an obstacle which he constantly maneuvered around. There was little thought given to publishing any of these novels until the on-set of the 2020 pandemic.

The rest, as they say, is history. Seven novels and two illustrated children's book have been published globally across and now carried at top retailers such as and Barnes & Noble. Audible, iTunes and Amazon distributes "Kill Alexis Markovic," "The Shaolin Covenant" and "Her Father's Daughter" across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan. Throughout 2022 we will continue to publish the back catalogue of written novels and children's stories written over the course of those ten years in the "downstairs dungeon!"

Published book titles available by Harris L. Kligman include "The Profession," "The Shaolin Covenant," "Her Father's Daughter," "Life Impossible,", "The Dark", "Kill Alexis Markovic", "The Original Alphabet Gang," and "The Day the Night Did Not Come."

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