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Kill Alexis Markovic, Next Kligman Release

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

On the heels of Harris L. Kligman's latest release "Life Impossible," Kligman has revealed his sixth novel. "Kill Alexis Markovic," is expected to be on sale in Q1 2022.

Alexis Markovic, an orphan and prison escapee, finds safety within the hidden chambers of Moscow's Vikhino Railway Station. It is here that she grows into womanhood and soon her brutality becomes legendary. Recruited by one of Moscow's largest and most powerful crime families, she becomes the gang's primary enforcer.

The tall, raven haired beauty embarks on a mission to find out why the Okulov Crime Family is losing money in their American operation. While there, Alexis finds herself at a crossroad where she begins questioning her obligations to the organization that created her.

We asked Harris L. Kligman for additional color on the main character Alexis Markovic. We discovered that Alexis Markovic is a duplicate of a female enforcer the writer knew from one of the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A Favela is a slum or shantytown located on the outskirts of major cities. They come into being when squatters occupy vacant lots at the edge of a city and construct shanties from salvaged or stolen materials. The Favela is a supermarket for drugs, prostitution, and and other criminal activities.

To learn what makes for a great espionage thriller, click below to read Harris L. Kligman's article written for Mystery & Suspense Magazine/Website.


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