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Her Father's Daughter Reader Submitted Questions

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Two recent fans of Harris L. Kligman, submitted six questions for the author to answer that were a direct result from their completion of the novel "Her Father's Daughter." The story follows Kathy Longrin, a lawyer with an extensive art background who is recruited by a man who is trying to recover priceless artwork stolen from his family during World War II. Kathy soon finds herself immersed in a world of diamonds, stolen art, aging Nazis, Neo-Nazis, Israeli agents and discovers a secret that will change her life forever.

We thank Michelle and Myriah for their questions and felt they were so good we should share them! Promise there are no spoilers, so safe to read prior to purchasing "Her Father's Daughter!"

Is there truth to the Vatican support of the Nazis?

"There are some who think so. The Reich Concordat signed between the Vatican and Hitler's Germany in 1933 was interpreted by Hitler to mean that the church gave its approval of the Nazi regime and thus aided Hitler in gaining international recognition."

What happened to the (adoptive) mother? Are we forgetting something from the beginning of the book?

"In the story Kathy Longrin is raised by the German Nanny. I left it to the imagination of the reader to speculate what happened to the adoptive mother. I thought it was more compelling that Longrin was raised by the Nanny who was married to the father's driver and bodyguard."

Is there an underground art market? Vaults of stolen Nazi art? Is the secret art chamber based partially on Monument Men? Is there a belief that some of the art is still out there?

"It always existed and was significantly broadened with the advent of WWII and the huge amount of stolen art from both private collectors and museums throughout the conquered countries. It still flourishes today. There are collectors of stolen art worldwide rumored to have secret compartments/vaults where they view and enjoy these art works both paintings and sculptures."

What % of the book is based on reality/personal experience?

"During my civilian career I spent a significant amount of time in South America - i.e. Brazil, Argentina. I met with and worked with sons of Nazi soldiers, officials etc., and some of whose fathers were members of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) which was designed to create more soldiers for the Reich. I always felt that sons were not responsible for their father's actions. Although I was concerned to a degree about their background, it proved, in the majority of cases, to be a non-concern although it was always on my mind. I developed working relationships with all concerned - maybe strained at times and in several cases a friendship developed to a degree. I always was a student of history and WWII was a fixation for me. I know a great deal about that time period and used this knowledge to formulate the plot and the characters in "Her Father's Daughter," some of whom were based in part on those I met and interacted with in Brazil and Argentina. Both these countries provided a safe-haven for many Nazis after WWII who escaped retribution through a German organization called "ODESSA"

Is there a real underground Jewish intelligence agency actively hunting down Nazis?

"Yes, after WWII there were a number of groups who were actively engaged in hunting down Nazis who escaped. One of these was the famous Simon Wiesenthal who was a prisoner in 5 Nazi concentration camps. He dedicated his life after the war, to the search and legal prosecution of Nazi criminals. Another group were former US military spies known as the "Ritchie Boys."

Is there a real group of Nazis who are actively working on the Fourth Reich?

"Yes, there are people around the world who have continued to sympathize with Hitler and the Nazi doctrine he enacted, and yes, these people would like to see a 4th Reich come about."

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