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Kligman's 11th Novel Hits the Shelves!

Harris L. Kligman's latest novel, "Life On The Dark Side," delves into the story of Luke Madson, an assassin affiliated with a private International Intelligence agency. The narrative unfolds as Madson crosses paths with the daughter of a targeted man during a flight to New York, leading to unexpected personal and professional connections. This chance encounter propels Madson and his organization into a mission to dismantle a gun-running syndicate.

As the plot thickens, Madson's focus shifts from merely completing his assigned task to navigating a complex web of survival amidst evolving circumstances and adversaries.

We sat down with the author to discuss his creative process and the inspiration behind his newest work:

"When I set out to write a novel, my goal is to introduce readers to characters, places, and situations that they may never encounter in their daily lives. Drawing from my experiences traversing remote corners of the globe over three decades, I weave together a tapestry of diverse individuals, including both virtuous and villainous personas. This eclectic mix, including encounters with military dictators and business elites, forms the backbone of my characters and narrative.

Having spent two decades as an Intelligence Officer, I bring a deep understanding of all-source intelligence and the intricacies of covert operations across different countries and private entities. In 'Life On The Dark Side,' readers are invited on a thrilling journey involving third-world revolutionaries, shadowy arms dealers, and a web of intrigue that keeps them on the edge of their seats."

Don't miss out on your chance to immerse yourself in this gripping tale. Purchase your copy of "Life On The Dark Side" today! Also available to download at Audible, iTunes and Amazon.

Life On The Dark Side, Author Harris L. Kligman's Eleventh Release
Life On The Dark Side, Author Harris L. Kligman's Eleventh Release

Pick Up Your Copy Across Audible, iTunes and Amazon
Life On The Dark Side, Author Harris L. Kligman's Eleventh Release

Audiobook tittles are also available for purchase through Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Audible stores distributes each title in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan.


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