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Why Do I Continue To Write?

Updated: Mar 23

"When people discover I'm the author of eleven historical, mystery, and adventure fiction novels, I get asked a lot of questions.

Mostly, these questions concern whether I use an outline, how I develop my characters, do I do a lot of research, etc.

Once in a while I get a question concerning what motivated me to start writing, and why do I continue to write?

For me, this is the most intriguing question.

I write to create something out of nothing. I write to entertain and to take the reader to places and introduce them to characters that he or she might not know of, or ever meet.

My twenty year military career and my thirty plus year business career has provided me with a wealth of information, exotic places that I have visited and people I have met and interacted with.

Some of these people are good, some bad, and some in-between. My travels over these many years have taken me throughout the Far East, South America and Africa. I lived in Seoul, South Korea for approximately four and a half years, immersing myself in their culture and language.

From every country I traveled to and conducted business in, I took away a number of positives and some negatives. The people with whom I interacted were diverse, and in some cases extremely interesting, and in other cases, dangerous.

As I once told my son, Rob, I collected people like a circus collects animals. These people, and the situations I encountered are all stored away. I use these people, the countries, the situations, both good and bad, as background for my novels. I embellish where necessary to fit the story-line that I am relating.The characters and situations are always based on real people and actual happenings.

I never expected to be an Ernest Hemingway, but I can take a reader on a journey that he or she can enjoy, and when they reach the end of my novel, they can say to themselves, "Time Well Spent!"

Can any writer/author ask for more than that?"

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