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A Cover Story: The Excitement of Being Featured in Family Media Magazine

As an author, there are few moments as thrilling as seeing your work celebrated on a grand scale. For Harris L. Kligman, the July 2021 issue of Family Media Magazine brought a surprise that sparked joy and pride. The magazine, a staple in the military community for over six decades, chose to feature Kligman on its cover, highlighting his remarkable journey as a writer and storyteller.

Family Media Magazine holds a special place in the hearts of military personnel and their families, reaching over 500,000 readers monthly through commissaries worldwide. Its legacy of serving those who serve has made it a cherished publication, making being on its cover an extraordinary honor.

Kligman's journey to this moment was one of dedication and passion. With his 11th novel, "Life On The Dark Side," and his third illustrated children's book, he had already carved a niche for himself as a versatile and captivating author. His books, available globally through platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million, along with audiobooks on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon, had garnered a dedicated readership.

Reflecting on the honor of gracing the cover of Family Media Magazine, Kligman shared, "Being featured on the cover of Family Media Magazine is a tremendous honor. To know that my work is reaching and resonating with military personnel across the world is incredibly humbling. Their support and readership mean everything to me."

The excitement of seeing his face and his story on the cover of such a respected publication reverberated through Kligman's words. It was not just about recognition but about the meaningful connection his stories were forging with those who serve their country.

The July 2021 issue of Family Media Magazine became a testament to Kligman's journey as an author—a journey marked by creativity, perseverance, and a deep appreciation for his readers. It was a milestone that celebrated not just his achievements but also the power of storytelling to bridge distances and touch hearts.

As readers across military communities flipped through the pages of Family Media Magazine, they discovered the richness of Kligman's literary world, inviting them to embark on adventures, explore emotions, and connect with characters that felt familiar yet extraordinary.

For Harris L. Kligman, being on the cover of Family Media Magazine was not just a moment of personal triumph but also a reminder of the impact his words could have on those who serve and sacrifice. It was a recognition of the shared stories that bind us together, making every page turned and every word read a celebration of resilience, hope, and the power of storytelling.

Family Media Magazine July 2021 Cover Story

Family Media Magazine July 2021 Cover Story

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