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Kligman Announces New Titles

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Harris L. Kligman, author of Spy, Adventure, Mystery and Historical novels, unveils his next two book releases slated for first quarter of 2023.

The World Of Nicholas Lord

Nicholas Lord, a university graduate and Afghanistan Army veteran, becomes part of the world of drugs when he accepts a position with a New York City drug baron.

Cryptocurrency, stolen from the drug baron, forces Lord as the number two man, to move against the suspected thieves which include the Mexican supplier and the gangbangers who distribute the illicit drugs. To complicate his already precarious situation, Lord becomes involved in a love affair with the drug baron's woman.

Lord soon finds himself in a world of hurt, where he becomes a target of opportunity from his own organization and the gangbangers who consider him expendable. Purchase Your Copy Today!

The Treasure

A multi-layered story of confiscated treasure, the people who witnessed or became privy to it, the society who protects it, and the struggle of the individuals who try to recover it.

The story begins with the capture of Judea by the Roman Legions in 70 a.d., and carries through to the dawn of Christianity, and the horrors of the second World War. An on-going struggle escalates between those who seek to protect what they have captured, from those who try to reclaim what they believe is rightfully theirs. Purchase Your Copy Today!

Audiobook tittles are also available for purchase through Audible, iTunes and Amazon. Audible stores distributes each title in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan.

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