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The Israeli - Palestinian Malaise

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

According to Harris L. Kligman, The Israeli - Palestinian malaise, and the broader conflict between Israel and the Muslim world, is rooted in primarily two factors...Religious, and Historical Ideologies.

My book, "Life Impossible," scheduled for publication in July 2021, traces the life of Mukhtaar Saeed raised as a Muslim, who volunteers to become a Jihadist as a means of furthering his core belief that only through the annihilation of the great Satan, America, and the little Satan, Israel, can the world exist in peace.

His life becomes intertwined with several Mossad agents whose sole mission is to prevent the use of a chemical agent which will destroy countless Israeli lives. Each side battles for supremacy in a conflict that can have only one winner...or can it?

"Life Impossible" is on sale now!

Additional novels available for sale by Harris L. Kligman include:


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