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Unveiling the Odyssey: Harris L. Kligman's Odyssey in Business, Culture, and Martial Arts Mastery

Updated: Apr 10

Within the intricate tapestry of a life richly lived, Harris L. Kligman emerges as a compelling figure whose narrative transcends the confines of corporate boardrooms. His journey is woven with threads of professional acumen, an insatiable curiosity about the world, and a commitment to personal development that rises above the ordinary. As we embark on an exploration of Kligman's life, we uncover a man who not only left an indelible mark on the business landscape but also imprinted his essence on the cultural canvas across three continents—South America, Africa, and the Far East.

Beyond his corporate obligations, Kligman served as a Reserve Army Intelligence Officer with dual training as an infantry officer. His collaboration with the Attaché's Office at the American Embassy during his approximately four-year residency in Seoul, South Korea, provided a unique vantage point. This dual role allowed him to meld business insights with a broader perspective on geopolitical affairs during a pivotal period in history. His commitment to understanding cultural nuances extended beyond the boardroom, encompassing a mastery of the Korean language and culture.

Kligman's interests extended far beyond the professional realm. Venturing into personal development, he devoted four years to mastering the Korean martial art of Hapkido, culminating in the attainment of a first-degree black belt. Hapkido, a Korean form of unarmed self-defense, served as a canvas for Kligman to express discipline, physical fitness, and a holistic approach to self-improvement. The art's unique fusion of circular foot sweeps, kicks, punches, and throws highlighted Kligman's dedication to cultivating a well-rounded life.

As Kligman crisscrossed the country for business, each journey evolved into an opportunity to immerse himself in the rich tapestry of Korean life. These travels deepened his appreciation for the nation's diverse landscapes and facilitated genuine connections with the people he encountered. The friendships forged during these experiences endure, creating a lasting legacy of his time in Korea.

Harris L. Kligman's story is that of a multifaceted individual seamlessly blending professional responsibilities with an authentic curiosity about the world. Whether navigating the intricacies of corporate dealings across three continents or honing martial arts skills, Kligman's life embodies a harmonious fusion of dedication, cultural understanding, and a passion for exploration.

To the fans and followers of Harris L. Kligman, let us celebrate this extraordinary journey that continues to inspire us to embrace the diverse facets of our own lives.

1967 Seoul, South Korea Hapkido Dojang - Sole American Achieving First Degree Black Belt at the Time
1967 Seoul, South Korea Hapkido Dojang - Sole American Achieving First Degree Black Belt at the Time

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