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The Making Of "The Original Alphabet Gang"

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Harris L. Kligman released his first children's book, "The Original Alphabet Gang" and we uncovered several never seen before images that were used to bring the story to life!

The backstory according to the author is "I was away for much of the time during the pre-K years of both my boys. As a way of trying to bond with them when I returned home from the military or my civilian obligations, the latter involving constant international travel, I would read the stories to them that I had written on various flights. A story titled "The Original Alphabet Gang," was the first one and was written in 1972 on a flight from Indonesia to the US for my son Marc who was two at the time. The illustrations are hand painted and are simply fantastic. There are a number of other children's stories that are part of my back-catalog and are planned for publication. After reading the stories to Marc and Rob numerous times, the papers were placed into my famous cardboard box and obscured until the pandemic occurred. These stories and my thriller novels were then resurrected and the rest as they say, "Is History."

As we looked further into the making of "The Original Alphabet Gang", we learned that each illustrated page or character in "The Original Alphabet Gang" is a one of a kind painting done on canvas. We uncovered the following images that have never been shared before.

Look closely for an Easter egg surprise you will notice inside the children's book if you look close enough. The village bank which is filled with Gordons, the money of the Baloops, is named after author Harris L. Kligman - "Harris Bank!"

Pick up your copy of Harris L. Kligman's "The Original Alphabet Gang", at Amazon!

Currently published novels by Harris L. Kligman include: "The Profession," "The Shaolin Covenant," "Her Father's Daughter," "Life Impossible," and "The Dark."

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