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What Is The Most Exciting Part Of Writing A Novel?

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

According to best selling author, Harris L. Kligman, those who know or find out that I am a writer of mystery, adventure, and historical fiction novels, always have a few questions to ask, which I'm only too happy to answer.

One question recently from a young woman was, "What is the most exciting part of writing a novel?"

"For me, the most exciting part of the novel is the beginning. I am starting to create something from nothing. I'm going to tell a story that will take the reader to places, into situations that will tax his or her sensibilities as the storyline develops, and I will create the characters so they take on a life of their own.

The reader will become one with the characters and storyline I depict. He or she will be transported through my words into an adventure, or a mystery or some historical time period that I hope will captivate them with hours of enjoyment.

The low point of writing a novel for me is the ending. Once I reach this point and tie the loose ends of the story together, rather than experiencing elation that it's over, it has the opposite effect.

The conclusion of the novel is a let down in many respects. I leave the characters I've developed, their actions and interactions, their trials and tribulations behind. I occasionally think of a possible sequel and then I decide to leave the novel as it concluded.

As I told my son often, I have a wealth of experiences to draw from. During my twenty year military career as a Reserve Army Military Intelligence Officer, coupled with my thirty year civilian career where I traveled extensively to South America, Africa and the Far East, I have a number of stories to relate, people to introduce and adventures to bring to life in story form."

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