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How I Write A Novel

Updated: Mar 23

Author Harris L. Kligman sat with us to describe his unique writing style. According to the Author, People have often inquired how I began writing? How do I transform my ideas into a storyline and develop my characters? What do I include in my outline regarding the story I propose to write? And other similar type questions. First of all, I have never taken a writing course, I have written a number of term papers in undergraduate school and a thesis as a requirement for getting my MBA degree, but that doesn't equate to writing a fiction novel. Fast forward to my retirement and a nudge by my youngest son, Rob, to briefly tell him what I did and why I was away so much of the time. That started off my writing career. What I envisioned as a page or two describing what I did, where I did it, and the people I interacted with, turned into a 370 page novel. From that point on, it was simply deciding on a title and then starting to write. I have an unorthodox style of writing. I never make an outline or position paper to frame my storyline or introduce my characters. I simply sit at the computer and begin. I have no idea what I will write about or where the writing will lead me. I usually write in the morning from about 9 a.m. to about 11 a.m. Then I call it a day. The next morning I reread the last few lines of where I left off the previous day, and go from there. Simply put, it works for me. I have eleven books of historical, mystery, and adventure fiction now in published form, ten books on audio, and I am working on my twelth novel. I draw from the varied places I visited during my thirty-five year career: South America, Africa and the Far East. The latter where I lived for approximately four and a half years in Seoul, South Korea. The places, situations and happenings are the essence of my storyline. I embellish where necessary, but that doesn't happen too often. The majority of situations are based on experiences I have had in part or total. I have met and interacted with a number of men and women, some good, some bad, and some in between. I use these people as the basis for my characters. Both my civilian career and my twenty year military career as a Reserve Army Intelligence Officer and Infantry Officer, have provided me with a wealth of experiences that I draw from. I enjoy writing and creating something from nothing. I enjoy making a storyline and characters come to life and providing my readers with hours of enjoyment. I always try to include facts in my novels, where the reader can learn things that they might not know or might not have experienced. If I had to sum up what writing means to me, "It's fun." Harris L. Kligman

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