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"Kill Alexis Markovic" Audiobook Release

Narrated by Mark Williams, an award winning broadcasting veteran whose 40 years of experience takes Harris L. Kligman's third audiobook "Kill Alexis Markovic" to unprecedented heights. "Kill Alexis Markovic" follows Alexis Markovic, an orphan and prison escapee who finds safety within the hidden chambers of Moscow's Vikhino Railway Station. It is here that she grows into womanhood and soon her brutality becomes legendary. Recruited by one of Moscow's largest and most powerful crime families, she becomes the gang's primary enforcer.

The tall, raven haired beauty embarks on a mission to find out why the Okulov Crime Family is losing money in their American operation. While there, Alexis finds herself at a crossroad where she begins questioning her obligations to the organization that created her.

"Kill Alexis Markovic" "Her Father's Daughter" and "The Shaolin Covenant" audio books are available for purchase through Audible, iTunes & Amazon. Audible stores will distribute "Her Father's Daughter" in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan.

Published book titles available by Harris L. Kligman include "The Profession," "The Shaolin Covenant," "Her Father's Daughter," "Life Impossible,", "The Dark," "The Original Alphabet Gang," "Kill Alexis Markovic,"and "The Day the Night Did Not Come."

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