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The Profession Arrives In Audio

Narrated by Mark Williams, an award winning broadcasting veteran whose 40 years of experience takes Harris L. Kligman's third audiobook "The Profession" to unprecedented heights.

"The Profession" follows Nancy Gault, an American concert pianist, and a contract operative with a clandestine organization specializing in assassinations, is paired with fellow agent, and British subject, Robert Monday. They are given an assignment to terminate a high ranking Director of the Chinese Communist ILD; International Liaison Department- an organization involved in a wide range of covert activities detrimental to the West. Interaction with the US Ambassador and CIA, Chief of Station is fraught with problems as Gault and Monday soon become the hunted, instead of the hunters.

"Kill Alexis Markovic", "Her Father's Daughter", "The Shaolin Covenant" and "The Profession" audio books are available for purchase through Audible, iTunes & Amazon. Audible stores will distribute "The Profession" in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and Japan.

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